Why I Started this Blog

Welcome to Bonnie’s Healing through Writing blog site!

I started this blog to support my fascinating new creative writing adventure. I’ve been writing a bit of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction over the past few months.  Here you will find:

  • some of my poetry, short stories, and a bit about Dreamwork (novella near completion but far from finished) and Gone with Innocence a short story currently in editing agony.
  • *Quotes of Wisdom – a Friday at 9am (Pacific Time Zone) series offering Wisdom, Feel Good, Inspirational and Thought-provoking Quotes.  Sometimes with links and most likely, with too many thoughts of my own included. (Sept 8th 2017 March 16th 2018 30 Quotes with notes).
  • As my amusing muse dictated, a new story has begun.  It is my story.  Flight of a Change Agent: Memoir of a Social Worker is flowing between other writing projects.  In 1998 I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Social Work.  My story begins in high school and brings to light the phases of personal and professional growth through loss, trauma, infertility and parenting twins, the death of my brother, and through the death of my mother from breast cancer. The flight was often turbulent and layovers were critical for healing. I now look back with gratitude for all of the lessons and opportunities for growth despite the grief that is always present. My journey continues as a private practice psychotherapist – the last goal on my career bucket list.
  • New Series started March 24th 2017 – 5 Things to Expect When Your Mother Dies

I think my newly liberated creative muse perhaps has a some catching up to do! It’s just like me to work on small projects (completion satisfaction!) while slowly making progress on bigger projects.  Regardless, whatever she’s inspired to work on, well, that’s what “we” work on ;-).

I’m learning to “go with the flow” because when I relax into it something surreal seems to happen.  It’s a hypnotic state I completely enjoy.  A super-concentration that is warm and welcoming and I find myself craving it every day.

Writing has been a necessary part of my healing process at various periods in my life.  Typically I journaled.  In Spring of 2017, a new form of writing began. 

My mother was fighting metastatic breast cancer.  This first go-round was twenty-two years prior.  She was losing this round and I knew she wouldn’t make it to our next Mother’s Day.  I started yoga for healing my mind, body, and spirit. To cope. To survive. To grieve without going out of my mind. A month later my long silent muse woke me up from a nightmare and insisted I write it down. 

Since that first story began, past traumas, losses, anticipated loss, as well as growth and great joys in my personal life continue to drive an incessant need to record stories and memoir. The stories are demanding to be recorded!  It is a fascinating process that I am, at once, experiencing and observing.  It’s all new territory, this creative writing adventure!  And blogging…

When thinking about starting a blog I wrote a list of “Why I Write”. I realized I’ve been writing since very young. I wrote the series of posts describing my thoughts in detail about why I’ve written and why I am writing now.  I suspect many of the reasons I write are familiar to other writers. 

Addendum:  Yes, indeed I love to write!  During the months since starting this blog, I’ve been reading about writing, editing, and publishing options, through blogs and books, and I’ve gone to a Writer’s Conference and a workshop. I’ve confirmed that it’s true! I am a “writer” after all. 

The “author” in my URL expresses intention, and when created was not intended to represent myself as having published a book. I followed the recommendation in a blog somewhere (published author but to my annoyance, I can’t remember where in blogville) to start out with a URL that expresses your future.

I learned later that it could be perceived as misleading or bad etiquette but I chose to keep going with my intention to achieve “author status” through these pages rather than start over with a new URL. If you are a published author please understand.

I am the author of my own story and that is really what it’s about for me.

  • Writer? Check.
  • Blogger? Check. 
  • Author of my life? Check. 
  • Author of a published book?  Joyfully working on the dream.

Divinely,  another one of those “perfect people at the perfect time” appeared as a mentor and encouraged me to explore writing in depth.  Out in the open, not just in my laptop, which is where I’d be hiding my stories if it weren’t for Lisa Redfern of Nevada City, California. She is an amazing woman with many talents. She is an indie author, graphic artist, photographer, mentor, and most importantly for me, a fabulous wise-woman friend.  I am most grateful for her friendship and generosity.

I believe creativity has healing properties.

I have always been up to some sort of creative project e.g. learning to watercolor and acrylic paint, creating handmade “Steiner dolls” – last count I think was 24 of the lovely little dolls (each custom made for specific children), knitting and crocheting projects, various DIY home and furniture projects, remodeling portions of our home, gardening, envisioning projects for my husband and dad to get busy on, etc, etc.

My mom’s creativity and my dad’s ability to manifest my visions for projects that were out of my skill/comfort zone have supported my creative urges for years. I am writing in part for my parents. 

Writing is a natural phase at this time in my life. Carving out time for it, well, let’s just say it’s not going to be easy.

I do not have a degree in writing.  I do have a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Social Work.

My professional life as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a part-time private psychotherapy practice is a large part of the purpose of my life: To ease the suffering of others.

Obviously, my family and children are most important, but doing what I do at work, it’s what I was born and trained by life to do.  So, in some fashion, I suspect that that part of my life will show up here.  I do not know how, yet.  But, I am quite aware that it’s such an integral part of who I am that I wouldn’t want to keep it completely separate.  Probably wouldn’t be able to even if I tried…  Time will tell how it all manifests here.

I am now taking snippets of “my truth” and personal experiences, and turning them into fictional stories (“and poetry!”) inspired by my continual search for answers, and occasionally a dream. 

If my stories or writing touch your “truth” in some way, well then, I will have accomplished something meaningful, outside of myself, on my Healing Through Writing journey.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you feel compelled to come back soon. Oh, and I am the type that craves kudos.  So, if you are entertained or informed please let me know ;-). If not, that’s okay too. It’ll help me grow. 

Until next time!  Namaste

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  1. Bonnie, I’m definitely compelled to coming back…your truths touch mine and I recognise a lot of myself in your words. I too have always written in so many different forms. Your creativity and confidence in writing come across powerfully in this post…you’re a natural blogger – enjoy WP but don’t forget your ms! 😀❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for your powerful words of encouragement Annika! I am enjoying blogging. I had no idea what the world of blogging was about until this new adventure. It’s fun! Yes, that MS, it is slow going but other wonderful “suggestions” from the muse are emerging so it’s all good. Happy writing! Namaste

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  2. You sound as though you are full of creativity Bonnie, I also have those creative urges and sometimes it’s hard to know what to focus on! Writing is something I want to do as a career, but I also paint in acrylics and have to tell myself that it’s only for fun, it doesn’t have to be perfect or lead to something.

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      1. I was moved and riveted by your long story – I felt a connection with the characters and enjoyed the technical aspects of your work. Keep on keeping on, sister! You have a gift. There is much love here for you.

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