Origins of My Busy Angel

To read a quick 500-word fictional story, written for the #wattys2017 and #wonderthemovie contests, click on My Busy Angel

This was a fun story to write because the topic was kindness.  A migraine is not, however, fun in any way.  Part of my Healing through Writing and Creativity process is to address my own pain.

This story is dedicated to migraineurs around the globe – wishing you kindness & compassion every day.

And to the zillions of nurses whose compassionate care heals the hearts of patients everywhere.

I’ve never been to the ER with a migraine.  I’ve been there for other reasons, yes, but have managed to avoid it with migraine. I did, however, work alongside ER and other hospital nurses for years.

I know their kindness. I carry it in my heart. 

There are at least one billion people worldwide who suffer with migraine.