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My opinion is entirely my own. We have not received any compensation for this review. Time4Learning offers standards-based language arts and math curriculumSciencesocial studies and art lessons are provided as a bonus for most grades.

In 2018, our kids’ school changed leadership and instituted policies which led to an environment that was no longer in line with our values.  We left.

We returned to our roots, so to speak, by signing up at Forest Charter School, in Nevada City, CA, a homeschooling program that better suited our needs at that time.

Time4Learning fit nicely with our homeschooling adventure!  We used the four core subjects in 8th grade (Language Arts, Math/Algebra 1/Social Studies/Physical Science) and supplemented with whatever this homeschooling mom was inspired by.  The kids went to Forest Charter one day a week for extracurricular classes with 6th-8th graders.

Time4Learning is relatively easy to use as far as lesson planning and reports.  The kids enjoyed the presentations which range from videos of a person to a “character” presenting the information.  In lesson activities, quizzes, and chapter tests are included with scoring and time spent on each activity.

For a part-time working parent, Time4Learning has solved many of my core subject teaching dilemmas.

The only downside I’ve found is the Odyssey and Compass Writer lessons are “clunky.”  The program itself doesn’t seem to “save” the writing the child completes and my kids have had a difficult time understanding what the lessons are asking of them.  We’ve adjusted to the “not saved” issue by using Google docs. This works fine for us as they were already familiar with it and it’s easily accessible in the future, even after we are finished with T4L. As far as the content of the Odyssey and Compass Writer lessons, I evaluate each one, coach the kids, and decide if they need to actually do the lesson or write something else.

Overall, I’d give Time4Learning an A for quality, cost, ease of use, and customer support.

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