Another Thing That Happened When My Mother Died: the Gift of Approval

picture of woman and two children sitting on lawn

My mother's death changed my life, but not just in the statistical manner in which I became another daughter with a dead mother. My mother's death changed my life not just in the ways you might guess or imagine from your own experience, but in ways that are unique to my life. Some of those …

California’s End of Life Option Act – Medical Aid in Dying update: SB 380 was signed into law – changes go into effect January 1st, 2022

California's SB 380 to improvement medical aid-in-dying law was signed by Gov. Newsom on October 5th! Join me for a presentation about the improvements to California's End of Life Option Act which go into effect January 1st, 2022.

Check out my Guest Post over on University of Colorado’s Palliative Care Graduate Program

This morning I have the triple privilege of experiencing the blend of the elusive writer's high, the honor of being published, and the deep satisfaction I get from continuing to share stories about my mom for the edification of others. This rewarding and rare combination is about my heart. I'm calling today Trifecta Tuesday! The …

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