Quotes of Wisdom 26 – upcoming Writer’s Workshop Weekend – Memoir & Poetry & Meditation & Yoga – phew!!

"Sharing the stories of your difficult times can also guide others in navigating their own journeys." Writing for Bliss ~Diana Raab, Ph.D. And so, off I go to immerse myself in writing for a weekend! For bliss, as Diana says, for my family whose stories are epic, and for my spirit who soars when I write. Introduction to my career memoir.

Origins of Breathe – A Mindfulness Practice Poem

About Breathe... This flowed at a time when a great many people around me, including myself, needed grounding.  We were grieving and had lost touch with our breath, for a moment. When spoken gently but firmly, and slowly, you may find yourself peaceful. Accepting. If not, you may wish to do it again. And again. …

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