Creativity over on Soundcloud & YouTube

I recorded some of my writing over on SoundCloud:  There you’ll find my recordings:

I made a few garden/flower videos as part of my healing grief process. I also made a seagull video and an unfortunate day for a rattlesnake video just for fun: Bonnie’s YouTube Channel

Thanks for stopping by!

20171112_171805 (2).jpg
In honor of my creative writing muse I bought an old (1940s ?) secretary that was chabby chic painted and stenciled the perfect colors for my bedroom.  Time suspends in this space where I write and create art.

7 Replies to “Creativity over on Soundcloud & YouTube”

  1. Oh, my! You are busy as a bee. Thanks for putting up a list of your work in one post. Makes it easier to find your stories. Will try to read some over the holidays. I really like the secretary you bought -oh, it would look so nice in my bedroom! I admit kinda jealous a little : ) 💞

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    1. So much to write… so little time! I have affectionately diagnosed my muse with ADHD 😉 I think it’s because my voice was silent for so long and now she has a lot to say. It’s all good though. I am so happy you are here, reading and commenting! Ah, the secretary! Yes, it’s pretty cool. My friend had her sights on it for her daughter but her daughter chose another one. A month later I went back to the little shop in Grass Valley “Junk in the Trunk” and it was still there. The owner was so ready to see it off to a new home so I got a screamin’ good deal. And it’s in my bedroom! I could never have chabby chic painted it as nicely as she did.

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      1. Really happy for you Bonnie. To hear that it was also a “good deal” is even better. this secretary is a wonderful piece of art! Got my hands on a few antique pieces too. But the best deal I’ve got was a fashion one. I was at an Estate sales and got a real Fendi bag for 50$. Still can’t believe it!

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