Bonnie’s List of Stories with Soundcloud Links for a Few (more to come!)

Bonnie’s Short Stories over on Wattpad

  • My Busy Angel – A migraine sufferer receives more than medication to ease her suffering in a busy emergency room. 500 words written for a Wattpad Kindness contest – Origins of My Busy Angel on blog or here on my blog
  • Nature of the Beast – A dreamlike walk in nature brings about more questions about life and death.  Inspired by a real dream. Origins of Nature of the Beast on blog
  • Mind Over Gray Matter –  A True Story of Pure Mind Over Gray Matter Leading to Achievement. Along the Way Pure Joy was Lost. My struggle to cope with PTSD and a brain injury as a result of a horse accident when I was a junior at CSU, Sacramento.   500 words written for Wattpad contest  Origins of Mind Over Gray Matter – A True Story on blog

In the Works

  • My Mother’s Dry Garden – A woman comes home to care for her elderly parents, one of which is dying.
  • Path of Golden Light – A transition poem about life and death.
  • Dreamwork  Chapters 1& 2 of Dreamwork on Bonnie’s wattpad page   The story is still brewing…currently 14 chapters, over 24K words with no end in sight, yet 😉 You may wish to read my blog post Origins of Dreamwork  or An excerpt from chapter 3 here.
  • The Purple Hat – A poem about a simple, purple cotton, Bermona Trend London, beret style hat that awakens to life in a London hat shop window.  Yearning to see the world, the hat wonders if it’s true life purpose will ever be revealed. Inspired by a real hat – apparently never worn.  Less than 500 words – looking for appropriate publishing venue – poetry journal or contests or ?
  • Gone with Innocence –  Adrienne, a young woman barely out of high school,  loses her boyfriend in a tragic motor vehicle accident.  Within hours she discovers she’s pregnant.  She hadn’t met his parents, yet. They live on the other side of the United States on Cape Cod. Her own parents’ emotional support door is closed to her.  Adrienne’s journey through grief, uniting and reuniting with family, single parenting, finding her own path and learning her dead boyfriend’s unfulfilled real mission in life, is difficult.  But the strength of the human spirit to endure carries her forward no matter the challenge.  About 12k words (In first edit phase) Origins of Gone with Innocence on blog
  • My Flight to Private Practice – How Grief and Loss Propelled a Successful Social Work Career and a Life of Gratitude – memoir of a social worker – started first draft
  • 13 Weeks: A Poetry and Photographic Healing Project – healing the 13 weeks of grief from the day of my young brother’s terminal diagnosis of a rare form of malignant melanoma to his death date.  See the link to the first poem – Silver Bird – below.

Other Writings Here on My Blog

Thanks for stopping by!


20171112_171805 (2).jpg
In honor of my creative writing muse I bought an old 1940s (?) secretary that was chabby chic painted a nice complementary color to my bedroom.  The cat scratch serves as a nice footrest.  I love my new writing space!


6 Replies to “Bonnie’s List of Stories with Soundcloud Links for a Few (more to come!)”

  1. Oh, my! You are busy as a bee. Thanks for putting up a list of your work in one post. Makes it easier to find your stories. Will try to read some over the holidays. I really like the secretary you bought -oh, it would look so nice in my bedroom! I admit kinda jealous a little : ) 💞

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    1. So much to write… so little time! I have affectionately diagnosed my muse with ADHD 😉 I think it’s because my voice was silent for so long and now she has a lot to say. It’s all good though. I am so happy you are here, reading and commenting! Ah, the secretary! Yes, it’s pretty cool. My friend had her sights on it for her daughter but her daughter chose another one. A month later I went back to the little shop in Grass Valley “Junk in the Trunk” and it was still there. The owner was so ready to see it off to a new home so I got a screamin’ good deal. And it’s in my bedroom! I could never have chabby chic painted it as nicely as she did.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Really happy for you Bonnie. To hear that it was also a “good deal” is even better. this secretary is a wonderful piece of art! Got my hands on a few antique pieces too. But the best deal I’ve got was a fashion one. I was at an Estate sales and got a real Fendi bag for 50$. Still can’t believe it!

        Liked by 1 person

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