Check out my Guest Post over on University of Colorado’s Palliative Care Graduate Program

This morning I have the triple privilege of experiencing the blend of the elusive writer's high, the honor of being published, and the deep satisfaction I get from continuing to share stories about my mom for the edification of others. This rewarding and rare combination is about my heart. I'm calling today Trifecta Tuesday! The …

My Conversation about Medical Aid-in-Dying in California – Listen to community radio KVMR 89.5 Embracing the Journey Podcast with Lori Burkhart Frank

A podcast focused on the peace and freedom that comes from talking about death. Embracing the journey means accepting the inevitability of death and discussing our values and priorities in terms of life and death.

10 Things Californians Should Know about Medical Aid-in-Dying & Why it Matters to Me

Writing and speaking publicly about my mother's death story makes my heart pick up the beat and sing from the depths where love, compassion, and our relationship lives. My mother died from breast cancer in February 2018. She used medical aid-in-dying to end unbearable pain and suffering caused by terminal cancer's relentless growth and destruction …

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