100 Unusual Interview Questions – Creating an Electronic Media Kit for Authors – Part One

REBLOG – 100 Unusual Interview Questions – Creating an Electronic Media Kit for Authors – Part One ~from Lisa Redfern’s Independent Author & Business How To’s website.
Lots of helpful links in her post as well. This is definitely something for me to keep working at… Thank you Lisa 🙂

Independent Author

In this first article of the Creating an Electronic Media Kit for Authors series, we’ll talk about the purpose of a media kit and provide a list of questions that you can use to get started making a Question and Answer sheet for your kit.

A media kit — aka. press room, media or promotion packet— is a collection of items that make it easy for someone from the media to do their job. In this case, that job is to write about you and your book. It’s like chefs on TV or YouTube teaching how to make a recipe. By the time they are filming, they’ve already got every item on the ingredient list premeasured and ready-to-to.

Press kits are everything that a media person needs (in resume quality) right at their fingertips. Who might want access to your press kit? Book reviewers, bloggers, literary agents, publishing houses, newspaper…

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World Suicide Prevention Day: In a Minute You Can Change a Life

I found a great post about World Suicide Prevention Day (today!) on an amazing website focused on spotlighting inspirational women.

When Women Inspire

The World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed September 10th to be annual World Suicide Prevention Day. The WHO sponsors this event with the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

As those who have followed my blogs for some time and read Pathways to Illumination already know, I tried to take my life. It was several years ago, and I have grown stronger, particularly in the past few years. Do I want pity? Heck no. I share this personal note as it

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A Blogger’s Voice

I really enjoyed Ann’s post about finding our voices as bloggers! It seems to fit with my next post in the Why I Write Series! S is for Sharing…

Muddling Through My Middle Age

DSC00181When I was young and naive enough to believe I had a good shot at making a living as a free-lance writer, I attended lots of writer’s workshops.  They were always interesting, and some of the tips helped me place articles with local magazines and neighborhood newspapers.  I never did make a lot of money as a writer…my largest claim to fame was a short article in Bride’s magazine and the publication of one (count it, one) children’s book.  Still, I learned a lot in those workshops about writing, and especially about the delicate balance between giving an editor whatever he or she wants and developing my own unique “voice.”

The voice of an author is what distinguishes one writer’s work from everyone else’s.  It is what comes out when a writer taps into his or her deepest beliefs, inner-most fears, cherished dreams, etc.  It communicates the unique perspective of…

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