A Month of Sundays – A Journaling Experience – Free offer for Email Followers

I am offering this newly created e-pdf journal A Month of Sundays for FREE to Email followers.  Some folks have already received it!

I want to thank you all for your lovely comments, likes, shares, and follows!  I am continually encouraged by your presence on this amazing healing & growth journey my muse has insisted upon. 

In fact, this was her idea! She inspired and drove the journal creation last weekend.  I took her idea seriously! As if I had any choice, right? *laughing out loud* 

Yes, the email list, for ya know, the serious part of this path.  Eventual publication!

Intention.  I believe in intention. I intend.

The quotes and many of the photos are from the Friday series Quotes of Wisdom.   Quote, photo, space for you to contemplate, explore, write (or doodle! whatever comes). Period.  

There are some new photos too!  Apparently use of your own kid’s photo requires some sort of compensation to said kid.  Don’t worry, you can’t see their identities 😉  A curious lizard makes an appearance as well.

In case you are wondering what else is inside, here are the instructions included in the 36-page A Month of Sundays: A Journaling Experience.


Let these quotes inspire exploration of your inner wisdom.

Go slowly.

Read a single quote.




Write for six minutes in a journal, spiral notebook, or in the blank area of the page. Put pen to paper and keep writing the entire time.

If you get stuck write “I am open” as many times as it takes.

The number in parenthesis (QoW#) corresponds to a quote in the blog series Quotes of Wisdom. If you wish further inspiration, feel free to go there & read the notes.

During the week, while mindfully walking or washing the dishes, invite your inner wisdom to emerge.

Ask, “What do I need to know right now?”

Allow the process to steep deeply within your heart.


Be open to your inner wisdom bringing forth exactly what you need. Read the quote again.

What has emerged?

Write Again.


Bonnie A. McKeegan 3.3-02.1 FAVORITE.jpeg

Thanks again for your support of my creative writing explorations! 

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