What does the state of your CrockPot say about you?

This morning the last handle on my favorite CrockPot crumbled to pieces.

The lid handle came apart long ago. I’ve been using a fork to lift the lid, then with hot pads and tongs I rather awkwardly manage the lid when it’s hot. I never bothered to find a handle replacement.

The other handle on the side of this thing fell apart two or three years ago. Needless to say, it’s a little bit of a pain to drag it out of the cupboard and lift it onto the counter with only one handle. I’ve been known to pull it out from the back of the lower shelf by its cord. Not smart, I know.

This morning, when the last handle crumbled as I gripped it, I almost dropped the whole thing but managed to get up on the counter without incident. As I pulled apart the last shredded, disintegrating plastic handle, I was caught off guard with thoughts about the meaning of this CrockPot in my life.

  • How long have I had this thing? The plastic literally crumbled in my hand.
  • How many meals have I made in it? By the looks of it, maybe hundreds? Once a week or more for maybe 15 years? Maybe less?
  • Where did I get it? K-mart is gone. Who knows.
  • Could I get a replacement just like it? Would I want to or would I want to try something more sophisticated than my simple one-knob jobber?

And then I thought, why haven’t I replaced this thing before now? The lid has been a hassle forever and one handle has made it hard to pick up for two or three years.

I’ll tell you why. Loyalty. History. Nostalgia. Frustration.

Loyalty. This crockpot has worked faithfully for many years. The temperature is trustworthy. The size is perfect for what I use it for: big tri-trips, whole chickens, big pork roasts, and more.

History & Nostalgia. How many meals have I made in this thing? It’s been around since my kids were babies. They are 18-year-old young adults now. They grew up with this thing on the kitchen counter simmering with yummy dinners. Heck, I grew up with the same brand on our kitchen counter – my mom used the same model.

What would a new CrockPot mean? They aren’t our babies, kids, or adolescents anymore. They are moving into their adult lives. Still under our roof, and still seniors in high school, but, as nature would have it, things are changing. Might a new CrockPot somehow mark the end of their childhood? A new era in our family?

Finally. Frustration. I did try to find a new one last year. I became frustrated shopping and ended up getting a smaller 4.5 qt one-knob CrockPot at Target. I hardly use it.

Everything big enough was too expensive because they had more digital doodads than I wanted. Plus, they were the wrong brand (a brand I had bad luck with in the past). I don’t need the timer that makes these things even more expensive. I pop the ingredients in it in the morning and at the end of the day, it’s done. I wanted simple, same, and easy. Familiar, I suppose. I also wanted to buy something in an actual store. I was trying not to be so Amazon-centric.

How long will I lug this old thing out from the lower shelf of the cupboard? When will I let it go in favor of a new one with brand-new handles?

A few hours later…

I broke down and searched Amazon. I gave in. I caved. I am Amazon-dependent.

I found the 8-quart CrockPot that I want. It’s the same Classic one I’ve used for so long (and the one before that!). There’s a red one! That does it.

I put it on my Mother’s Day gift wish list. Maybe someone will surprise me.

You may think me not loyal after all because a shiny new red one caught my eye, but I am. I’ll use the old stoneware pot for oven beans. See? I can hang on and let go.

What is the state of your slow cooker? Mine has a tri-tip roast in it as I type.

Much love,



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  1. I was just thinking about my crock pot last week! I was cleaning it really good, and thought to myself this crockpot has seen better days! I’ve used mine since 1998! That’s 25 years of using it almost twice a week. I remember feeling really proud of it, compared to my old one I got from someone, I have no clue. Mine is white with a pretty scalloped rim, that you can easily remove from counter to table. That’s one thing I know about myself, I take such good care of my things, all of my things! I may buy a new one soon but I’m looking forward to the new technology of 2023, it will be great! Although the one I have has been well loved!💕

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    1. Twenty-five years is amazing! I got lucky; my husband read my post and ordered it already. I don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day 😉 Yay! I decided to keep the old one around. A friend suggested I use it to warm stones for massage and relaxation. Sounds good to me!


  2. Funny you should post this. I have ham hock and beans in mine as I write this. I had to break down and let my old one go that I used for 38 years. Yes 38years. It was a staple in my house and work. I would make chili for my peeps at the phone company. It became famous. One time I was transporting it to work and I was going a little to fast to make the turn into the parking lot . Yes! Chili all over the floor. What was left in the crock pot, we ate and it was a hit. As for my car, it smelled like chili for years. I still think of that pot and long for the old days. Kids are grown and gone, Im retired, and the large crowds are gone. Chile doesnt taste the same either. Thats life, BUT, ham hock and beans is a new favorite in the newer crock. Bring it on!

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