The Turbulence of Vicarious Trauma Propels Success – I’ve been published in a journal!

An article I wrote in late 2017 titled The Turbulence of Vicarious Trauma Propels Success about my experience of vicarious trauma resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder shattering my social worker identity was published here: Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing Vol. VII, No. 1 Focus on Work.

I’d like to send you over to my blog post over on my coaching website where I wrote about my experience and the article publication.

It’s interesting to note that this article was published four years after acceptance by the publisher. The timing is ironic considering I am now working through the details of closing my private practice. Don’t get the irony? Read my other blog post and the article in the journal. You’ll totally understand. Life keeps me moving in ways I didn’t plan!

Please go on over to my coaching website to read about my experience:

I hope you’ll get the journal and let me know what you think. A super awesome gift to the publisher would be a review on Amazon as well.

Yep, I have two blogs. Please don’t feel betrayed. In all honesty, this blog Healing through Writing and Creativity gets much more of my attention ;-), but I love you both.

By the way, there was a period of time when this blog was titled Flight of a Social Worker. That was because I was writing a memoir about how my personal life and social work career are interwoven; it was the experience of PTSD acquired on the job that was driving my desire to write that book. I thought this blog could be a way to talk about my experience. I didn’t end up taking it in that direction, so I changed the name back to the original idea that is more broad and open for creativity.

That first draft about my career and personal life (it’s a vomit draft around 70k words) is still in the drawer. I hope someday to get back to it.

The article getting published reminded me that my story matters.

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  1. Wow, you have a lot of information here.. Will get the journal. CONGRATULATIONS for being published. Your guidance through writing has helped me tremendously and has become a delight.

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    1. I am so glad to know my writing has been helpful to you! There are so many other inspiring articles in the journal, too. And the poetry is pretty cool. Thank you for being here!


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