McKeegan COVID Chronicles Day 7

I’ll be brief today. Memo style.

Do you know what Memo is short for? Yes, I know Memorandum. But do you know what it really means? In Latin, memorandum is a thing to be remembered: a close relative of memory. A written record which most of us think of as a brief communication.

I was never good at writing memos. I’m better at yakkity-yak, long drawn out, sprawling, loose association stories that bore the tears out of people. Not a great way to build a blog following. Just ask my mom (well, you can’t but thanks for considering it). She’d tell you I talk too much and have done so since the beginning of time. She first notified me in a brief spoken memo when I was four years old: “Bonnie, you talk too much! You talk just to hear yourself talk!”

I love you mom.

These pages are my edited record of our days with the rude guest covid19, the Omicron variety.

Here’s today’s Memo outline (this way you can skip whatever you please):

  • Symptom Reports
  • Thoughts on the mundane (skip if you must)
  • A surprise – no, it’s not what you think. If it was, how would that be a surprise?
  • My new theory (I have one now.)
  • Resource (because like a good reporter or social worker, it’s not about me. It’s about you.)

Sick Kid #1 Symptom Report (Day 7):

  • low grade fever
  • mild congestion
  • rare gunky cough
  • mildly sore throat
  • sneezing – I checked; it wasn’t cat trigger cuz he’s at my feet again
  • biggest complaint was gross mouth when he woke up at 230p. Hey, that was a great sleep for going to bed at 4am

Sick Kid #2 Symptom Report (Day 4):

  • low grade fever
  • occasional dry cough
  • mildly sore throat
  • says it feels like the mildest cold he’s ever had

Sick Mama Symptom Report (Day Whatever – Day 3 if you go by 1st obvious symptoms):

  • Woke up with pasty mouth. To be perfectly candid, I did not brush my teeth before bed last night. I know, it could be that. It was more like when you wake up sick and realize a creature has used your mouth instead of the litter box, or the pee pad (see photo below if you missed Day 2).
  • Tinnitus party-mode continues. Who knew three or four pitches could compete like that? I can’t even count exactly how many. Please forgive my weak reporting skills.
  • no blasted fever
  • gaggy gunk cough turned to dry tickley cough
  • No sign of headache. This is truly a miracle and probably due to the fact that pharmaceuticals are protecting me. Not the kind we all know are bad! I really should update Healing the Grief of Migraine through Creativity – The Pirate Bitch’s Treasure Trove with the new pharmaceutical information. My life is changed.
  • alternating Irritability and Hysterical Laughter (witnessed by SK1)
  • runny nose
  • watery eyes
  • mildly sore throat
  • mild fatigue – not as bad as yesterday
  • plugged left ear
  • Inability to go back to sleep because I couldn’t wait to start writing this memo this morning.
  • Last night there was a big Lucy-Goosey stool. If I can share my son’s big D, I should be able to share mine. But. It could have been the tea. I drink it to counter the clog-inducing pharmaceuticals that are saving my life right now. Rarely is there such a result as last night.

With a list like that, you’d think I’d go back to bed. It’s all mild. I worked and was happy to do so.

Husband Symptom Report: Not Sick. Big sneeze attack tonight. uh-oh.

Thoughts on the Mundane

I spent 15 minutes diverting my eyes until the timer went off this morning. I wanted the endorphin flood of validation rather than a slow drip of frustration. The result?

There’s only one pink line. We are not pregnant. No surprise there. Just more scientific research, folks. Hours after testing myself, when I resolved to throw it all out, I discovered this: The date on the package says 2022 – 01 – 24 / LOT 141515R. Today is 1/27/22. Maybe three days ago the reagent in the test turned to water and the whole thing is nil.

Do you know how hard it is to hold a stick in one hand, a big cell phone in the other which won’t focus on the target while using your chin to try to cause such focus while trying to induce the cat to look at you while he’s demanding you stop the nonsense and pet him? It’s naptime at 8:28am human!

No, you don’t know.

As long as I have three tests in reserve we are good. One for each kid to return to school at the earliest possible date, and one for Husband. We currently have four which means we have a surplus! Amazon has promised to drop in for a visit with five boxes on Tuesday. We are golden.

Disappointment and confusion regarding the absence of the red/pink line? Yes. Questioning my entire premise? You bet.

But. Wait. In case you missed the memo, SK#1 had a positive home test – that’s what started this whole damn McKeegan COVID Chronicles.

More Thoughts on the Mundane (Did you really believe I could do this briefly? My mom knew I couldn’t when I was four. You should know it by now.)

Thank you everyone who has shared your stories with me so far! Friends, colleagues, family members, some of whom are readers here have shared how the rude guest entered and exited their temples and sanctuaries. A surprising number are actually sick right along with my family, right now. Your stories are far more memorialization-worthy than mine. Seriously. I love you.

Most are or will be okay after their experience. One friend still can’t smell out of her left nostril after getting sick before Omicron was all the rage. I must look up the scientific explanation for this. I just want to understand. It has to be a brain, olfactory nerve, kind of thing. I can relate to that. I had a traumatic brain injury, cracked my skull to be more clear, and everything smelled like semi-truck exhaust for months. Tasted like it too. I’m glad my friend is okay otherwise and can taste her favorite foods: chocolate and Filet Mignon.

When I asked her about her favorite food this morning in a text, she felt compelled to qualify that chocolate is not food and offered up Filet as a proper answer. Yes it is, I say! I know many people whose lives are dependent on it. That makes it life sustaining. That makes it food.

Litterbox Update (still in the mundane)

I’ll have you know, I scrubbed the toilet while I was in there this morning. You don’t need a picture of that, do you? If you are unclear about this reference, Day 2 explains how the cat does not use the litter box. This is an experiment. Don’t worry, I can’t keep up either.


The Binax Now box only had ONE test in it. So when I thought we were down to two tests, We were actually down to one! My god I am glad I didn’t know. No one stole a test. It’s more likely that the test I did several weeks ago came out of this box. I did it to make sure everyone else was safe when I went into an Assisted Living to visit a dying woman and her family.

Surprise Surprise

I scheduled myself for a PCR test for Friday at 1230p. I’ll have to leave the house. I have to know.

My Theory (I keep my promises) – If you thought of this already, thank you for the dignity you’ve given me to come to it on my own.

Theory: Moderna (3 shots) is keeping me from having a fever while keeping my viral load below detectable Ag range.

But, am I contagious?

According to somebody (because I am a studious researcher, I looked online for evidence to support or crush my theory) this would mean I can’t pass the interloper to you. Let’s have a real party and you can stop thinking about my snot!

Negative Home Rapid Antigen test = can’t pass the intruder to the next unsuspecting person. Right, just like how my friend’s kid wasn’t contagious with chicken pox anymore but I came down with it three days later. I had made it through childhood and thought I was scott-free.

This means that SK#2 (who tested negative as you may recall on Day 4 of this saga) can’t share his germs with your kid either. Do you want your kid sitting next to him in class?

Twins don’t always share everything. They are independent people with independent minds and, apparently, independent immune systems. They have always shared germs though. One year when they were three or four (the year we tried gymnastics), there were eight flu and cold viruses in a row. Double ear infections were the prize. Several of those germs were from kids whose paents said their kids weren’t contagious anymore. Snot says Not.

One kid has better shot coverage than the other. One got notably sicker than the other. Same shots, same days. Each of them had two Pfizer shots.

Alternate theory (surprise!) #1: The home antigen test companies know something we don’t know.

Alternate theory #2: The pandemic is a hoax. There is no covid19.


If you read this far, you deserve a resource. I listened to Episode 87 last week; there was a lot about schools. I felt better informed afterward. If you don’t, don’t blame me.

Here’s the description:

Episode 88: Vaccines, Variants, and Long COVID

January 27, 2022

In this episode, Dr. Osterholm and Chris Dall discuss the trajectory of Omicron in the US and abroad, China’s zero-COVID policy, how the Biden Administration has responded to the US surge in cases, and a review of what we know about long COVID at this point.

Email us your questions: sends e-mail)

This podcast is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify and Google Podcasts. Subscribe on YouTube!

I haven’t even listened to this episode, yet. I’ve been writing to you. I am sure it will answer all of your questions.

I hope you sign up to get notified the next time I write a memo.

As the sun was dropping, I made note of the imminent sunset. There was the promise of a small cloud to add interest. Then, it was an hour later and DARK. I lost an hour of my life and I claim amnesia. Damn. I am such a disappointment.

Here’s an alternative photo. I took this during the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil in Vegas. I think it was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Unbelievably awesome show. By the way, in December I traveled all the way to LV, spent five days there with 140 awesome people and 5 star hotel staff, walked the Vegas strip, then came back. I didn’t get sick. Someone in my own house gave me the dang germ.

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