McKeegan COVID Chronicles Day 2

To read Day 1 go here: Ladies and Gentlemen, and Everyone in Between, COVID19 is in the House! Don’t forget to come back and read Day 2.

As promised I am back to continue sharing our COVID19 family journey.

At the end of today, Saturday, we still have four home tests left. They sit in the cabinet waiting for someone to say, “I’m sick.”  My runny nose and the sneeze this afternoon don’t count. I’ll wait until I have a fever or something else to suggest this isn’t just lame winter allergies.

I ordered five home tests from Amazon. Amazon says the order will arrive after January 31st.

I ordered the four free ones from the government three days ago but we don’t have a tracking number yet. There’s no telling when they’ll ship and arrive.

Our four tests will have to do.

Symptom Report: Sick Kid continues with fever, occasional loud gunky cough, headache, fatigue, and sneezing. Lots of sneezing and snot. I imagine the germs in a spin and swirl happy dance looking to invade a new host. We stand by. He added diarrhea to his list of symptoms today but then said, “You don’t have to put that in the post.” Oh, but yes I do or how could my readers trust me? I aim to be thorough.

Laughing makes Sick Kid cough. At least he has retained his sense of humor. When I asked him how he felt this morning he responded, “like shit.”  He told a friend, “Covid sucks and I wouldn’t recommend it.” Yet, he still has his 17-year-old, young man appetite. He can still be heard across the house in loud protest at losing his almighty powers in that annoying video game he plays with his friends and brother. He has no complaints about taste and smell (unless you count that he can’t stand the smell of the trash).

Speaking of brother.

This morning Sick Kid’s twin brother woke up and said, “We are all still waiting to get sick?” Yep, we are.

Today’s been rather ordinary. I put a roast in the Crockpot. The cat peed on the pee pad next to the litter box as usual. Maybe I should put the pee pad IN the litter box. Is it the natural litter he detests or the box itself? I don’t buy bathroom rugs anymore. I buy pee pads for the cat.

I spent the last two hours before dusk outside tending the burn pile. My husband is trimming and burning the massive mess of mangled tree limbs (say that three times fast!), mostly oak, knocked down by Snowmaggedan.  It was another mild, dry winter day. Too many more of these days and we’ll be back in fire season long before spring, again.

I suppose there’s another benefit to losing all those oaks. Less to burn if a wildfire blazes us.

Oh, also, when I went to take a photo of the royal cat’s bathroom to share with you, I noticed a clogged toilet. So, yea, I took care of that while I was at it.

The sunset was nearly cloudless. It was so boring in fact, I didn’t think to photograph it. I’ll try to do better.

Here’s Day 3 McKeegan COVID Chronicles Day 3

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Stay tuned.

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