Quotes of Wisdom 25 – In Search of Writer’s Voice & Soundcloud link to Listen to My Poetry

“Never give up. And most importantly, be true to yourself. Write from your heart, in your own voice, and about what you believe in.” ~Louise Brown
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In pursuit of one of my 2018 Goals, “to more fully discover my writing voice, my strengths, and weaknesses,” I recently began recording my poems and short stories. I am listening for themes and clues to my unique creative voice. I am listening for what I believe in, what drives me, and how it guides my life. I am listening for the messages I hope to convey. 

At this moment, I wish to convey a message of heartfelt gratitude for all of the condolences, sweet words, thoughts, prayers, love, and emotional support from friends, family members, and this beautiful blogging community. It is a difficult time for me and my family. Grief is no stranger to any of us, however, I have faith in the ability of our individual spirits to heal and adjust. Things will never be the same, yet, I believe we can find joy again, as a family and as individuals, eventually.

Shortly after recording a few poems, I had the idea to share those recordings with anyone who wishes to listen.

I’ve uploaded a few to Soundcloud. It’s fun to find this new small space for expression! This is my first experience on Soundcloud, so please forgive any annoyances that come up on my learning curve.

Here’s a link to Silver Bird on Soundcloud.  More to come soon!

Another way I am exploring my “writers’ voice” is by perusing blogs for interesting articles.

I began a “Writers Voice” search of the WordPress.com blogs. Here are the first five posts that emerged in the following order.  I included those that talked specifically about “voice,” not just because “voice” was in the title.  Each has something to contribute to finding your creative writing voice or analyzed the voice of authors the contributor had read.

Crandew – Writers Voice

Mine!  #Quotes of Wisdom 22 Finding Your Unique Creative Voice – Writers Conference Notes & A #Writing Prompt #Story – Velma’s Man!

Talking “Of Bees and Boys” – Allen Mendenhall, writer, lawyer – radio interview on “Writers’ Voice” broadcast from KRUU 100.1 Fairfield, Iowa

Callum McLaughlin’s November Roundup – brief book reviews discussing voice in some of them.

Sacha Black – Find Your Philosophy and Find Your Writer’s Voice  This one was spot on for what I was searching!

Here are some specific questions I am asking when exploring my creative voice:

  • What are my core beliefs about life & death, personal motivators, culture & current issues, family, relationships, love, health & mental health, politics, etc?
  • What drives me? 
  • Why do I write? I wrote a series on this one – Why I Write.
  • What messages am I trying to convey? (I got off on an opinion piece about gun violence that I am saving for another post!)
  • What do I want readers to “hear” in my writing?
  • What do I want people to see differently?
  • What do I want readers to feel?

I hope a question or two from this short list helps in your own journey exploring your own creative voice!

*featured photo taken in my mother’s sunny garden. The reflection was a fun surprise!

Be True to Your Unique Creative Voice!

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10 Replies to “Quotes of Wisdom 25 – In Search of Writer’s Voice & Soundcloud link to Listen to My Poetry”

  1. Wonderful post Bonnie. I enjoyed listening to your heartfelt poem on Soundcloud. I should give that go some day too! And I was happy to see one of your links to Sacha Black’s blog, she’s amazing and happy to call her friend. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It was great finding Sacha’s blog. Lots of good stuff there and the voice post really was good for me to read.
      I am having fun playing with recording – trying to overcome some dislike of my recorded voice 😉 and practice reading out loud. Thank you for listening Debby! I hope to do a few more in the coming weeks. Time is so precious. Went back to work today… and I am going out of town to a writer’s workshop (memoir and poetry) this weekend so will have to wait on recording another one. Happy writing!

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      1. I know what you mean Bonnie. I cringe at the sound of my own voice, so good on you for doing that. I think most writers have that same fear – public speaking, whether on recording or worse, live, lol. We are creatures of solitude by nature. 🙂

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        1. When I stood up after reading the short story at the writer’s conference my legs were like wet noodles! I was terrified but volunteered so I can try to get a little better. It’d take a personality makeover to actually get comfortable public speaking tho! lol


  2. I love this series! I’m an avid collector of quotes, and the one you highlighted here about writing from the heart and in your own voice really hits deep with me. I think looking for clues about yourself through the recurring themes of your writing is an inspired idea!

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    1. HI! Thank you for stopping by and the compliment! I love writing this series and try to write from a place of truth and heart. I set out to just “go with the flow” of whatever comes up along the way then look for the themes (hoping for some cohesion!) around week 52. I am so glad you are enjoying my quote series!

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