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Cool app for writers! Yay for Book Giveaway too!

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One of the most difficult tasks for any author is stepping away from their work and giving it a critical product-based assessment.

Here’s an app that takes some of the guesswork out of audience identification.

ScoreIt!™’s engineering leverages the cutting edge science of stylometry, artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify underlying patterns of language structure in any given text. Statistical analyses are then applied to identify those significant patterns that define one author’s writing style as compared to another…. In broad terms, each submission is evaluated and weighted for its 1) grammatical construction; 2) authorial vocabulary; 3) expressive complexity and 4) use of function words.”

After putting my recent title through the ScoreIt! system, I was pleased with the results.

Read more about my ScoreIt! analysis and the Book Giveaway based on the data.

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    1. Hi! So, yes, I talked to Lisa Redfern who went through the process and had the consult with ScoreIt. You do submit the whole manuscript. She felt good about how it went and trusts them, but I can see how there’d be questions. I feel like I’ve shared a resource I don’t know much about other than what I read on Lisa’s post and from talking to her…

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      1. Thanks for sharing. No worries, we share, we ask questions, we learn. Sounds like something I may want to venture a go at after I’ve heard more experiences from other authors. 🙂

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