Quotes of Wisdom 23 Gratitude for the Wise Women in My Life

“Clearly older women and especially older women who have led an active life or elder women who successfully maneuver through their own family life have so much to teach us about sharing, patience, and wisdom.” ~ Alice Walker, Novelist, short story writer, poet, political activist 

Today I simply wish to express, from the bottom of my heart, my sincere gratitude for all of the older (than me at each stage I met them!) women who’ve impacted my life so beautifully.

Of course, my mom is the most important of those women and my gratitude for her presence in my life is immense.  Our relationship deserves an entire memoir ;-).  It’s on the project list already 😉

But today I am thinking of the other women who’ve been in my life.

Each has been there for me, with grace-inspired timing, and one or two of those women saved my a** from one tight spot or another.

Sometimes it was their ability to see me and my potential. Often with something as simple as a single question, such as this one from Debby Senna, a program director and instructor at American River College when I was finishing up my AA degree (many moons ago), “Why stop here? Why don’t you go over to Sac State and see about their programs?”

In that moment, my life was impacted beautifully and my pursuit of a social work career began, consciously.  Clearly, I was already on the path though unaware until that moment; she saw it and made a point to say so. Thank you, Ms Senna!

I am very grateful for all of the connections to the wise women in my life. Even to those I rarely see, but who are always in my heart.

Each of you is an inspiration and your presence enriches my life.

From my heart to yours, thank you.

I am working on the list of women to thank in my career memoir My Flight to Private Practice – How Grief, Loss and Vicarious Trauma Propelled a Career of Success and a Life of Gratitude (working title)

I wrote this poem about how, when I was twenty-two and drowning in my marriage to my addict high school sweetheart, one such wise female presence (drug counselor) showed me what I needed to see. Then another came along with perfect timing (social worker)… then another (MFT, Ph.D)… each beautiful wise-woman reflected back to me exactly what I needed at that moment in life.

It is about me finding myself through the pursuit of a social work career, and now in my role as a social worker/psychotherapist.

One by One

Born to it, brought to it by pain, directed by Grace,
I asked for direction; she saw my dream, an agent of change.

Said she, “Follow my footsteps, don’t race,
learn mental health, addictions, follow your dream.”

My life was awry; what wisdom had I? “No worries,
keep walking, life will unfold,” said another agent, on the road.

With my life, came experience untold, and behold,
from which I stand strong, for others, to lighten their load.

One by one, each at a time, my presence I hope,
brings forth their divine, spirit of strength, born from within.

With ethical standards, driven by vision, of social work goals,
enhancing well-being, my life’s purpose, one of my roles.

Each person, each family, and community, the world as a whole.

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