Quotes of Wisdom 20 Marriage Anniversary #amwriting

“Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.” ~Simone Signoret

From Wikipedia: Simone Signoret (French: [simɔn siɲɔʁɛ]; 25 March 1921 – 30 September 1985) was a French cinema actress often hailed as one of France’s greatest film stars. She became the first French person to win an Academy Award, for her role in Room at the Top (1959).

Sadly, she died of pancreatic cancer.

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary! There are no “chains” here!  Indeed, tiny threads were being woven between us before the day we met. It was the Saturday before the Superbowl, 2000.  We felt the tug of a few of those tiny threads on that first day.

My brother Wes introduced me and Jim.  They had worked together surveying, a few years prior to our introduction. Jim the chief, Wes the young chainman learning the trade. 

Three months after I bought my first house, Wes invited me to go with him and his then girlfriend Valerie, to a BBQ party at Jim’s house a mile down the road. At the time, I only knew one other resident in my new gated neighborhood. 

I wasn’t looking for a third husband, but I was dating at the time. My secret thought was that if my toilet plugged up, at least I’d know one guy in the neighborhood I could call for help. My dad and Wes were both too far away if a toilet “situation” came up.

Wes knew Jim well enough to think he was a good guy so I went with him to the party the day before Superbowl. It was a small party, maybe twelve people were there. There was an abundance of laughter, classic rock, poker, and ping-pong in the garage. I can still see my smiling brother sitting in an overstuffed chair with Valerie snuggled up with him.

My introvert-self was nervous meeting new people, so I drank two beers over four hours. Yep, I am a lightweight, but no longer a cheap date.

For the party, Jim had BBQ’d a turkey (a tasty new experience for me!) and made macaroni salad.  That was a new experience too, a guy making macaroni salad!? Who was this guy?  He certainly wasn’t anything like previous guys… dates or husbands.

Jim and I have been inseparable since that day. Even when tensions arise we are tightly bound.

The threads woven through our lives are powerful, and many unseen except in my mind’s eye. I can still see Wes two years later. He and Lela, his future bride at the time, sitting on the edge of the bed in the suite adjoining ours in the mega-hotel/casino where we were married. It was after the wedding as a small group of family and friends toasted us with champagne. He was relaxed and smiling again. None of us had any clue his death sentence would be read to our parents after surgery four months later, nearly to the day.  

“Your son’s lymph nodes are full of malignant melanoma. Get him to an oncologist quickly.”

He was thirty. 

The next day, a sunny Friday in springtime, my gynecologist read my infertility sentence.  It was emotionally distressing to hear that I had endometriosis, fibroids, uterine polyps, and ovarian dysfunction. But, not as devastating as what I had learned the day before. I was already in the throes of grief.  I knew my brother would die too young, and too soon.

Wes died 13 weeks later – August 16th, 2002

The tiniest of tiny threads were woven two years after the infertility sentence, when I became pregnant with twins on Mother’s Day, May 9th, 2004. Yes, I do know the exact date.  The infertility roller coaster ride tends to bring awareness to every nuance of the cycle. It had been a total of four years of trying to get pregnant.  Not even a lifetime for some, but for Jim and me the journey was long and difficult.

Interestingly, it was May 9th 2002 that Wes was given his death sentence.

Somewhere I read that twins are a gift sent by the dead. I imagined Wes helping us out.  He knew how badly we wanted a baby.  

The threads of our marriage are woven tightly together, forever. I see them in my children every day. And in my mind’s eye.

In case you are wondering, it turned out that I am the plumber in the house.

The featured quote is specifically about “marriage,” but in my opinion, replacing “marriage” with “commitment,” “civil union,” or whatever words describe your relationship, would be more appropriate.

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  1. Beautifully told Bonnie. I love the quote, yes threads, not chains. Happy Anniversary. I loved your bittersweet story. I’m sorry about the loss of your brother, and I do believe the universe gives us what we need when we need it. ❤

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  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BONNIE. Its those fine threads woven together that is the strength of a marriage. Thank you for sharing that part of your life with us. Everyone has a “story,” and I find them all fascinating. Would love to hear other stories of the “Ties that Bind”.

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  3. Happy anniversary to you and your husband. I agree, no chains at all. If you need chains, I might rethink who I’m marrying or getting married at all!! 😀

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