A Yoga Story – Part Three

You may have read in previous posts Healing Through Writing – A Yoga Story Part One   and Healing Through Writing – A Yoga Story Part Two that I fell in love with yoga last spring when I started going to Rising Lotus Yoga Studio.  It loosened up something within me and allowed my creative writing voice to emerge.  I’ve been joyfully writing since then!

A few months into yoga the owner of the studio announced she’d be closing in a short month’s time.  Overwhelmed by grief related to my personal life, I poured out my tears to her in a plea to not give up, yet. It had not yet been a year since she opened the doors to her beautiful space; maybe we could get her to that one year anniversary!

Yoga was therapy, it was personal.  Lisa’s approach and gentle spirit was exactly what I needed.

Yes, there are MANY yoga studios here in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area that I could go to, and I know other teachers who are awesome, but Lisa’s studio was so intimately connected to this beautiful thing happening within me that I didn’t want to let go.  A healing had begun on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels that allowed for this new creativity to develop.  Yoga is a whole-person approach to improved health and I had felt the effects within weeks.

We figured out how to keep her studio open another month.  I wrote an article about yoga and healing; more growth for me but it didn’t change the financial stats. She hung in there and that month turned into another, and a few more weeks. We even celebrated her one year anniversary!

Last week the studio closed. It was not sustainable at the current rate of growth.  There was growth, but too slow for financial success. I understand.

Of course, I am sad, but the time I needed to process the loss was given to me by an amazing spirit who teaches from her core values of kindness, strength, and grace. I know it was a hard thing for her to do, keep going in the face of financial hardship, and I will forever be grateful to Lisa Smart for every moment and ounce of energy she put into that studio. I am grateful for every grain of healing energy she brought to the room and shared with all of us.

Wherever Lisa goes, whatever is next on her journey, I know she will bring love, healing guidance, and her beautiful spirit to it. I have no doubt she will continue to touch lives in deep and meaningful ways, as she touched mine.

Thank you Lisa!  From my heart to yours, Namaste’

As for me? I’ll find my way.  Already connections are being made and the journey continues.

featured photo taken by Bonnie – this piece hung in the studio




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