Quotes of Wisdom 17 Love, Life & Death

“Love’s overbrimming mystery joins death and life. It has filled my cup of pain with joy.”

Holidays bring to mind loved ones who’ve died; not that they are ever far from consciousness. So many of life’s joyous experiences they’ve missed; how my own days are different without them. It is my heart that is overfull, spilling love and pain today.

This year the holidays are a particularly vicious struggle.  There is a meanness to it, an unfairness heavily weighted with pain. Slogging through a fog of life details, I push on when what I really want is for all of it to stop for a moment, so that I can rest, and just be present, with those present.

Eventually, I will write and talk openly about it.  For now, I am privately holding on tight.

A few lines of my own from a longer poem about transition. 

A path of golden light,
beckoning, a promise
of peace and bliss.
The journey west sacred,
traveled by gazillions before me.
Love sustains me,
until, it is my turn.

In the stillness of SOLSTICE! Though the burden of darkness weighs heavily upon my spirit, shuttering out the cold is perfect timing. Within we are warm and close. I am counting on the promise of Spring when I will sit cross-legged in the garden and water it with tears.

Happy Solstice! photo credit: Pixababy gdizerega

Wishing you love, peace, joy, and all that you need during this holiday season. 

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*featured photo Pixabay: Rainbow Riverside Park Wikiproject Taiwan Taipei – I chose this photo because it reminds me how love bridges the space between us and our deceased loved ones.

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