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“Writing poetry can also be a form of meditation because it encourages a sense of mindfulness and tapping into what you are feeling, seeing, and experiencing at the moment of writing.” Diana Raab, Ph.D. Writing for Bliss (Raab, 2017, pg 140)

Welcome to my small space in the webiverse!  Here you will find a bit of chat about a recommended book, with a poem following.

This week’s quote comes from Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life by Diana Raab, Ph.D, the amazing book I am currently reading / devouring / absorbing into my self-directed creative writing education.This book has so thoroughly caught my attention at the perfect time in my creative writing journey!


Diana’s style of writing is concise and powerful. She skillfully weaves her experiences writing poetry and memoir with wisdom, research, and experiences from other writers, poets, and professionals in the world of psychology and spirituality, into a practical guide for new writers as well as accomplished authors.  Anyone wishing to write for their own healing would benefit from the wisdom brought forth within this book. Impressive lists of writing prompts, references, further reading, and recommended memoirs come together to provide an abundance of resources to further study of memoir and writing in general, and support my Healing Through Writing journey. I am so appreciative of Diana’s generosity in sharing her wisdom in this book!

My Yoga, Meditation, Poetry, and Healing through Writing Experience this week

During Savasana (Final relaxation; literally translated as “corpse pose”) at the end of a yoga class recently, the first line of a poem came into my consciousness.  Of course, the urge to write overcame me as I zoomed to my car to write it down before losing it!  Within the hour, back at home, I had written the first draft of #2 poem in my 13 Weeks project.  Fascinating how the meditative state of savasana allowed for an image, which started in class during a partner tree-pose, to develop into a deep healing moment of poetry for me.  Here is the poem:


Young redwood he fell,
in summer so hot.

Our grove he nurtures,
with body laid down.

Gaping hole reminds us,
intertwined where he stood.

Our bark raw and torn,
bare tears and scar over.

Deep and dark,
despair in the air.

Our trunks reach sky high,
where young spirits soar.

There we will meet,
a millennium or more.

Broken roots woven,
hold us together.

Painful reminder,
our young one fallen.

Invisibly leaning,
gently touching between.

Reaching higher by year,
spreading branches appear.

Intertwined we remain,
though not all can be seen.

Soft forest floor,
feathery fronds uncurl.

Our passage quiet,
absorbed by the peace.

Fairy rings we form,
in search of delight.

Within holds our hearts,
our music of light.

All Rights Reserved ©2017 Bonnie A. McKeegan

Indeed, I do experience a whole-body “meditative listening” type of sensation when concentrating on writing poetry.  A super-focused attention to stillness envelops my body and mind.  It soothes and relaxes my thinking process.

Learning to slow down, get quiet, and listen closely to the muse is a practiced skill.  

I am practicing nearly every day through some form of writing.  Even if only writing down a dream is all I manage for the day.

Yoga is a perfect adjunct experience for learning to slow down the mind and body in order to listen to what exists within.  

Obviously, there are techniques other than yoga for slowing down to hear the muse! I would love to hear your techniques for getting into your creative writing or other artistic endeavor mood and mindset.  Comments would be great if you’d like to take a moment!

After writing the poem I went on the hunt for a photo of my brother to go with it.  Played around with the one I found and ended up with a sort of glow that developed inside the tree.  The experience of being in majestic redwoods can be very spiritual!  If you’ve not yet stood within the circle of a redwood “fairy ring” I encourage you to put it on your bucket list.  And if you have had the experience, I’d love to hear about it!

I was not on this trip with my brother so I do not know what he was experiencing.  The expression on his face is familiar though; a sort of playful goofy-ness! This photo was taken pre-terminal diagnosis.

Wes North Coast Redwoods 1994 dark green.jpg
This photo was in my 13 Weeks Project pile but I had not seen or thought about it for at least a month when I wrote the poem. I believe the image was lingering in my subconscious until yoga & meditation worked some magic.

You can read about Northern California Coastal Redwoods here. They are magnificent and can live 2,000 years!  There are profound lessons for humanity to be learned from the interdependent root and ecosystems of the redwoods.

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*featured photo from Pixabay neufal54



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