Quotes of Wisdom 13 The Soul of Creativity

“Creativity is energy flow.” ~ Taya Malakian Artist, Poet, and Yogini

Last weekend I went to The Soul of Creativity: Yoga+Meditation+Artistry to Activate Your True Purpose workshop by Taya Malakian at Gather & Mill in Grass Valley, California.  In this post, I share a few of my notes from Taya’s presentation: quotes (with notes!) that really resonated with me.

It was an information-packed three hours, with a comprehensive presentation about the origin, process, and flow of creativity, from a blended eastern and western spiritual perspective, along with several Kundalini-style yoga breath meditations integrated throughout the talk.   Meditative heart and soul, writing and drawing exercises rounded out the afternoon.

Yoga (any type of practice) can open and encourage the flow of creativity.  Yoga certainly continues to do this for me!  In fact, a month after starting Gentle Yoga my journey of creative writing began; my muse was fully awakened out of a long slumber. Divinely, her awakening was in complete alignment with my mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.  And, Yoga is perfect for my physical needs too.

The breath is our foundation; life itself, flowing through our entire body bringing awareness, energy, and healing. You can remain on Autopilot, your breath continuing without thought your entire life, or you can go deeper.  Breathe deeper and discover the source of creativity, healing, and love.

Here are my notes from Taya’s workshop:

  • the relationship of the seven chakra energies to creativity – from the 1st Chakra (Root – our grounding with Earth) to the 7th Chakra (Crown “the thousand-petaled lotus” enlightenment); focused on 1st, 2nd (sacral) & 6th (third eye), 3rd (solar plexus) Chakras).
  • subtle body (ego) and soul – ego creates the illusion of separateness so that we can function on earth vs the soul which is the complete awareness that all things are connected.
  • soul development (purpose and meaning in our lives) in relation to creativity – Creativity is an open channel to finding our purpose in life – my interpretation.
  • creating (art, music, poetry, writing, etc) is sacred; honor and call forth creativity (the muse or whatever you wish to call it) by creating a sacred space and ritual (place, visual inspirational, aroma, meditation, chant, yoga) Think Pavlov’s dogs.  Establish ritual, creativity will flow (muse awakens) when “invited” by the ritual.  Remember, aroma brings memories (recall of the muse) so include some form of scent (candles, diffuser with essential oils, lotion).  I had already bought a really cool old desk for writing, and the candle, well, it’s always been a part of the ritual.  Serves as a signal to my family as well:  “Mom’s Writing!” I put a picture of my new desk on another page if you’d like to see:  Bonnie’s List of Stories – it’s at the bottom of the page – it was too funky-big as a “featured photo.”
  • the root of creativity is about love.   

Yes, there was a ton of information presented!

A few more quotes from Taya’s presentation:

“Bare feet on Earth is medicine. An experience of being alive.”  

“Cold awakens us.  Jumping into a cold river is an example.” Referring to awakening our creative flow.  Think fall and winter, cold is stimulating.

“Creativity has seasonal flow (for her).  Experiencing nature, the world, soaking things up like a sponge in summer then ringing them out (into creative projects) in fall and early winter. Late winter I’m dormant, resting. Find your flow.”  This was one of the more important and validating things for me to hear.  My creative writing ebbs and flows.  Each project has it’s own ebb and flow.  I have a few writing projects, each in different stages, and now I feel comfortable that my process is natural.

Here’s my list of writing projects:

Dreamwork (novel women’s fiction darkish) – first draft 14 Chapters 24K words and no end in sight – on back burner while I work on editing Gone (or until my ADD muse insists!)
Gone with Innocence (novella – women’s fiction)– first draft done! Woohoo! First round of editing started – editing, ugh!
13 Weeks – 13 photographs with poems – memorial to my brother who died at age 31 from a rare form of Malignant Melanoma – 1st poem Silver Bird – “13” signifies the grief stricken 13 weeks from the day of his terminal diagnosis to his death.
My Mother’s Dry Garden (fiction) – a woman returns home to care for her elderly parents. One of which is dying.
My Flight to Private Practice – How Codependency, Loss, & Trauma Propelled a Successful Career – memoir of a social worker – started writing first draft – inspired by two books: Be The Gateway by Dan Blank and Writing for Bliss by Diana Raab, PhD
Path of Golden Light – A transition poem in honor of loved ones taken by cancer
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And a few more notes from the workshop:

“Become a conduit for flow – love, creativity, money, give and be generous, and it will flow back to you.”  She referenced the book The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

“Show up, do your ritual, be ready for creativity.”

“I honor and believe in my creativity. Show it by creating a space for it,” literally and spiritually.

The last notes I took before the meditative writing part of the workshop are possibly the most profound:

“Humility and Nobility – we need to recognize and practice a balance of both. We are a small part of creation (humility) and we are co-creating with the creator (nobility). We matter.”

When I saw this workshop advertised, I couldn’t help but think, “it couldn’t get much better than combining yoga and writing!”  Well, maybe if it was on a tropical beach… oooh, that’s one for the bucket list!  Yoga, writing, art, tropical paradise 😉 I could get into that!

Here’s the description of the course:

“Artist, poet and yogini, Taya Malakian, will guide you through a combination of yoga, meditation practices, sketching, and creative writing practices to inspire, move through blocks, build confidence + intuition and open to the creative flow in this 4-hour course. Perfect for writers, artist, entrepreneurs or anyone looking for purpose and to live a more creative life.”

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Taya’s course!  Thank you Taya, and Gather & Mill, for your beautiful souls and lovely space!

For my writing,
for my heart,
and for my soul.
For my Yoga.


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  1. What a fantastic post of so much going on for you Bonnie. I used to take yoga classes long ago and then practiced at home. I really felt so good after. I think I’ll put it back on my things I must do again list. And wow, you have quite a few writing projects going on. How are you handling all that? 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Sometimes I wonder how the heck, and why the heck so many at a time? But, I figured it out. It’s an ebb-n-flow thing. They aren’t all flowing at the same time, but it’s frustrating at times thinking I “should” be concentrating on just ONE project. It seems my recently liberated muse has a lot to say and it all just has to come out! The reason for her being quiet so long is written as fiction in one of my stories. But, it was real, a “mother story” that shut down my voice very young. Thank you again for inspiring and connecting with me here!

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  2. Nice meeting you Bonnie. Very good thoughts from the workshop. I’m from Quebec, Canada. Here it is cold seven months of the year. I confirm: Cold awakens us! I especially like the link with the creativity and seasonal flow. That speaks to me. A lot. Very interesting writing projects you’ve got too. Can’t wait to read more of you.

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting, reading, liking, commenting, and following me. So pleased to meet you as well! I have fallen in love with creative writing, and blogging… and I am “studying” and practicing every day (as life allows of course). I think my muse had been quiet for so long that when I opened the gate (yoga!) she felt liberated and the need to do some “catch up.” Each project has significant meaning in my life and sometimes the hardest part is deciding which to work on. Depends on the muse’s mood and inspiration I suppose. Big learning curve going on here 🙂
      Welcome to my small space where I continue to explore healing through writing and whatever else comes up. Namaste

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      1. I am delighted to discover your world Bonnie. I totally understand you when you say the hardest part is deciding which project to work on. I am in the same situation. I find that blogging and reading posts from creative bloggers is a great source of inspirations. One idea brings another and so on. Good vibes, great feelings but I have not yet master how to control the flow of creativity. A must has I am blogging only part time (yep, I do have a real job cause I need to pay the bills). I also find that it can be sometimes a little overwhelming. And it is easy to neglect other aspects of our life. I am working on that. Yoga helps. Taking long walks too. But I will never regret the blogging thing because it meant I met so many talented and genuinely kind people. I do feel the energy flowing through all these connections and it makes me feel so incredibly privileged to be part of it. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. Can’t wait to read more of you. Namaste

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        1. Ohmygosh, I am laughing cuz as I was reading here my husband hollered, “Do you want me to stir the potatoes?” Yes, I can so completely relate to the momentary and hours-at-a-time neglect of other aspects in life! I love the feeling of a sweet connection to other bloggers and readers too. It’s really opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Kindred spirits 🙂 My day job is awesome, passionate about helping people, and the rest of life keeps me busy too. Definitely a learning curve for balancing it all!

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    1. Thank you Andrea! I fell in love with the desk when I saw it awhile back in a local vintage store. When I went back “just to look at it again” the owner was ready to “not look at it anymore” and gave me a great deal! Patience paid off that time. Thank you for visiting and commenting Andrea!

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