Healing Through Writing – A Yoga Story Part Two

Here is Part One if you are interested Healing Through Writing – A Yoga Story Part One

Now for the HAPPY Part Two of the story!  As a result of renewed energy and enthusiasm, my yoga teacher is keeping her beautiful studio open!

When Lisa told me she was closing her studio due to lack of students I began to grieve immediately.  I went home and dug deep for how I could help her – denial?  Some might call it denial, the studio could still end up closing prematurely.

I believed the problem was simply a matter of getting the word out that the studio exists and giving it more time.  Lisa thought perhaps there was something to my idea so we formed a plan.  I was so happy and so were the other regulars!

First, I wrote a Kudos Letter to the Editor for our local paper.  Immediately Lisa got congratulations call from her landlord.  The letter was seen by other students as well and hopefully many others living near the studio.

Second, she’s updating website info, created a Yelp page, and is working on new signage and banners.

Third, we hung up flyers around town.  A new teacher arrived and started teaching classes before the flyers even went up!

Fourth, she is planning a One Year Anniversary Open House Celebration in October.  This is about honoring the effort it takes to start a business and spreading the word. And honoring Lisa, all of her students and welcoming others who are interested.

Fifth, I wrote an article, submitted it to the paper and they published it today in the Healthy Tuesday’s section!  I am so pleased!

This is how I dealt with my emotional reaction to losing what I had only just found.  Sure, I could always go to another studio but seriously, this one meant a lot to me from the beginning.  Starting yoga in the Spring opened up my writing channel and awakened my muse!

Funny, I did find a mistake in the article when I read it online first thing at O’dark-thirty this morning.  Darn it!  I used the wrong word “complimentary” instead of “complementary”.  I’ll have to go back to the original source I was reading for that part and see which word was used but the “E” is correct not the “I” not that I blame some other writer!  It’s all a lesson for me.  I corrected for my page…

Writing an article may seem like a small thing to many writers, journalists and others whose lives are all about writing but for me? It’s kind of a big deal 😉 since it was my first one.

I’ve made a page for it if you’d like to read it Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit Through Yoga. The article is only 520 words (newspaper max).

photo credit: Lisa Smart – Inverted position against the wall – no, I have not done this, yet!

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