Quotes of Wisdom 2 Letting Go

“We are awakened to the profound realization that the true path to liberation is to let go of everything.” ~Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield – Author, Buddhist practitioner and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West.

Some of my most profound healing has come when I’ve let go of something painful I was holding onto.  A brief example, when I let go of the idea (thought that haunted me) that a certain vicariously traumatic experience was meant to prepare me for the loss of my own small child, my healing began. It was a beginning.

Yes, I learned from the experience, it prepared me for other situations, but my children are past the age I imagined them dying.  They could still die before me, but now I have only “normal” parent worries.  I am not debilitated by the idea that had a grip on my mind directly after the experience. 

The term for the idea that haunted my mind is “magical thinking.” It’s a common experience after traumatic experiences.

Another brief example. Some of the most welcome people have come into my life when I’ve let go of certain other people who were no longer good for me.  The lessons they brought into my life were real, important, and needed.  The love was genuine.  When it was time to let go it was not easy.  

Often letting go is painful.  But, it’s necessary and good for our heart, mind, and body.

How has your experience of letting go helped you?  Please consider leaving a comment so that someone else may benefit from your wisdom and experience.  Thank you!

photo from Pixabay by Lisa Redfern of Nevada City

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11 Replies to “Quotes of Wisdom 2 Letting Go”

    1. Yes, and in my experience, when there’s “drama” involved, it’s especially difficult. I’ve had the amazing experience of letting go of certain relationships and eventually the person entered my life again, long down the road, in a new and better way.

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  1. Letting go IS painful! I recently said goodbye to a friend when I realized her interactions could sometimes take me into darker places. I didn’t want that – I put myself first. Like many women, I felt selfish about doing so. BUT only once I am true to myself can I more fully be myself and help others too. Your words here are wonderful!


    1. Yes, the letting go of friendships… putting ourselves first comes with so much guilt piled on from society… it seems like when I can stay true, like you said, things shift and good things follow. Thank you for your comment and like Christy!


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