Why I Write Series – The 2nd E in I.M.M.E.R.S.E. M.E. Educate

Welcome to the 2nd E… Educate! I am having fun with this series! I hope readers are inspired to think about their own writing in this way as well!

For a peek at where this series started & links to the other letters in the series you may go here:  I.M.M.E.R.S.E M.E. 9 Reasons Why I Write – Series Intro

First I want to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who’ve spent time on my blog liking, commenting, sharing and joining me!!  Each of you makes a difference in our world and I appreciate your presence.

I write to Educate.  This might be my biggest challenge or weakest strength?!  I am strengths based in my life and private practice.  I like the phrase weakest strength (can two words be a “phrase”? hmmmm….) because it recognizes there is room for improvement but the foundation is already there.  We all have foundations we do not necessarily recognize.  Building on them takes some intention and focused attention.  That is what my own writing journey is about.

It is my desire, hope, and wish for a reader to learn something from my writing.  This may happen within a fictional or true story or some other form here on my blog.  That’s the part I am not completely clear on, yet.

It takes time, effort, and an immersion into a topic in order to turn around and educate others.  As the saying goes, “To Teach is to Learn”.  Who said that anyway?? I don’t know to whom to give credit!

Our world is complex – a vast understatement I realize. I want to bring pieces of real world issues into my fictional stories.  For example, Cape Cod’s struggles with their fresh water supply ended up in Gone with Innocence.  You could go here to read more if you wish:  Cape Cod’s Big Drinking Water Problem – Boston Globe 8/2/16 Basically, the Cape is a big sandbar and the problems are difficult to solve.  I learned more about Dioxins and Their Effects on Human Health – World Health Organization Fact Sheet from this resource.  Many many communities are struggling with fresh water contamination problems!  Some much worse than I others I reckon. My empathy deepens each time I learn more about this topic!

By the way, I’ve taken Gone off-line so that I can work on editing and find a new publishing route – I am sorry for referencing a story you can’t actually read at the moment!  But if someone is truly interested in doing a “beta” read for me I’d put it back up on Wattpad in a heartbeat!  Origins of Gone with Innocence

I seem to stumble upon issues I knew nothing about as I explore for a story.  When I found myself learning about the water challenges on the Cape I felt compelled to incorporate that information into the story – and it actually became an integral part of the story. But these pieces of information are not the primary purpose of the story.  It just feels right to add real life information.  California State University, Channel Islands has an Environmental and Resource Management Program, which I learned about after reading about the Cape’s water problems! You could read about that program here:   CA State University, Channel Islands ESRM program

I also incorporated some native history in Gone:  Three Sisters Gardening

I’d like to improve my writing incorporating real life information about mental health, trauma, relationships, love & loss in my fiction.  Probably bits of what I know is ending up there unconsciously.  I hope so anyway!  I suspect short stories are another vehicle for this.

***I hope to educate readers (who don’t already know) about the healing properties of Yoga.  My article Healing Mind, Body & Spirit Through Yoga has been submitted to the local paper!  Exclamation point due to the fact that it feels like a major accomplishment even though it was limited to 500 words.  Well, that was part of the stress.  There was so much I wanted to write but couldn’t fit it in.  I think the limit is ultimately a good thing 😉 ***

After the paper has published the yoga article I am going to add the “spice” back in that I removed for the newspaper publication then post here as a page on my blog.

As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing my journey with me!  Please feel free to like, share, comment and/or follow as your heart or mind desires!



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  1. Love this series, and I absolutely love oxymorons. Weakest strength humm. That could be a series all in itself. I am being educated in expressing my weakest strength through writing. Thank you for encouraging me.

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    1. Encouragement! There’s another E reason I write!! Thank you for bringing this to my consciousness! And for everything beautiful you bring to this world through your all of your Expression 🙂
      Namaste Sue


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