Cure or Healing?

I found this in my files.  I have no idea who wrote it but I love it.

Are you seeking cure or healing?

Cure is the elimination of a disease

Healing is the giving of wholeness to the person, a sense of integration and peace

Cure separates body, mind and spirit

Healing embraces the whole

Cure combats illness

Healing fosters wellness

Cure fixes

Healing corrects

Cure isolates

Healing incorporates

Cure alters what is

Healing offers what might be

Cure is a closed system

Healing is an open system

Cure encounters mystery as a challenge for understanding

Healing encounters  mystery as a channel for  meaning

Cure rejects death and views it as a defeat

Healing includes death among the blessed outcomes of care

Cure seeks to conquer pain

Healing seeks to transcend pain

*photo from Pixabay

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5 Replies to “Cure or Healing?”

      1. I dont think they are mutually exclusive. I feel they are intertwined. I can move into the feeling and meaning of both, find the cure AND the healing If I allow it. This is a beautiful piece, and I saved it.


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