Healing Through Writing – A Yoga Story Part One

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Yoga opened channels I didn’t know existed within me.  More about that later…

Over the weekend my yoga instructor announced she is closing her studio.  After acknowledging we all have our own journeys to walk, I went straight into my own grief process, “Oh no, you can’t do that!”  Denial.

My next phase followed quickly, “How can I help her keep the studio open?” Bargaining.

I am still in the Bargaining phase. My mind raced.  What could I do?  My writer’s mind thought of creating an “interview” and spotlighting the studio on my blog.  But I questioned my skill.  So, I checked with the local paper regarding their “Meet Your Merchant” section.  We live in an amazing area and I see the column on Mondays advertising small local owned businesses.  I could ask them to do it!

No, wait.  I am learning to write. Yoga is a huge part of my healing.  Lisa Smart’s Rising Lotus Yoga Studio in Auburn, California is a sanctuary for me.  It’s the perfect location for me and hundreds of people who practice or would benefit from Yoga. She’s an amazing, gentle spirit. They just don’t know she’s there. Lisa’s studio is less than a year old.

I created the interview.  She agreed.  We are working on it. Also, she is not opposed to the newspaper article request to the Meet Your Merchant column although, it might not work in time.

I will do both! Interview her myself and request the Grass Valley Union and Auburn Journal to spotlight her!

Then, as the Universe has a way of noticing my thoughts, the following article appeared in my inbox this morning:

Healing through Yoga – Yoga Effective at Reducing Symptoms of Depression

Here’s how the article starts, “People who suffer from depression may want to look to yoga as a complement to traditional therapies as the practice appears to lessen symptoms of the disorder, according to studies presented at the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.”

I’ll be back with my own spotlight on Lisa Smart’s Rising Lotus Yoga Studio article on Yoga for Healing soon.

For my own Healing Through Writing journey.  And my Yoga.

Until next time….

8/28/17 HAPPY UPDATE:  Lisa is keeping the studio open!  Since putting in new energy via word-of-mouth, flyers, a call to the paper to do a Meet Your Merchant article (TBD) and setting our intention as a group of students along with Lisa, new students have shown up and an additional teacher will start on Saturdays!  WOOHOO!  

I am working on a Healing Through Yoga article for the paper.  It will include researched benefits of including yoga as an adjunct therapy in treating depression and substance abuse.    Here’s Part Two of this story Healing Through Writing – A Yoga Story Part Two

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  1. Good for you!!!!!! You took your power back. The inspiration here is that we are not victims. Thank you for writing this.

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