Origins of Mind Over Gray Matter – A True Story

Mind Over Gray Matter  ©2017 Bonnie McKeegan Written for wattpad #mindovermattercontest  Bonnie’s Mind Over Gray Matter story over on Wattpad

A True Story of Pure Mind Over Gray Matter Leading to Achievement. Along the Way Pure Joy was Lost.

I wrote this short story (500 words) and posted it this morning over on Wattpad for their #mindovermattercontest.  Please wish me luck!  I am keeping some of my stories over there in case of the desire to publish at a future date.  That is my quiet fantasy after all.

Mind Over Gray Matter is a true story about my First Edition of PTSD years ago. It is very abbreviated and parts of the story are not told within these 500 words. Maybe I’ll create a longer version, someday.  Or better yet incorporate it into a fictional tale! Sorry, no details here so as not to impact your experience of the story should you chose to read it.

My Second Edition of PTSD is a story I cannot, nor would if I could, ever publish. My loss was vicarious and vicious in nature. The true tragedy is someone else’s story.

I can, however, say that both experiences still effect me today. For better, and for worse.

My blog website started out as Healing Through Writing.  After finishing this morning’s story I realized that writing it out, within the clear parameters of the contest, seemed to give me a bit more peace and acceptance.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Until next time… 

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  1. Just read Mind over Gray Matter. I love true stories and this story left me wanting for more. The human spirit never ceases to amaze me, and this story inspired me to “get back on that horse”!

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    1. I am so glad this story touched you. Thank you for jumping over to wattpad to read it and thank you tons for letting me know also! Comments are encouraging and inspiring in themselves. I have another true story that fits that contest… not sure when I’ll be able to get it “on paper” but definitely on the list now because of your comment 😉


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