Origins of Gone with Innocence

©Gone with Innocence Bonnie McKeegan 2017

I decided to work on this story further and possibly publish later.

I am not sure what exactly inspired this story in the beginning. I thought it was complete at the end of Chapter 1 then two friends asked for more so I started typing.  And away the story went taking the protagonist, Adrienne all the way from Southern California to Cape Cod to find family and healing! 

As I wrote, not knowing where the story was going, I kept asking, “what if…” and it just kept flowing.  I’d like to express my deep gratitude to two wonderful friends for helping me bring this story alive!  Together, with supportive comments from a few Facebook friends also, these folks helped this story grow from one chapter to over 9,000 words!

If you are struggling with a story you are trying to tell I encourage you to follow my friends’ advice and “keep writing”! 

Google Dictionary defines protagonist:
  •  the leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text.
  • an advocate or champion of a particular cause or idea
  • the main figure or one of the most prominent figures in a real situation.
    “in this colonial struggle, the main protagonists were Great Britain and France”

Who inspires you to keep writing or persevering when things get difficult?

Until next time… 



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